Postpartum Doula Training



-Online or in person breastfeeding class of minimum 4 hours or other credentialed lactation training/certification. Must bring certificate to the training on day 1 to participate. 
-Infant CPR certification. Must bring certificate to the training on day 1 to participate. 
-2 books off of the reading list.


Content included for Postpartum Doulas:


  • Preparing for postpartum

  • What to expect: weeks 1-6

  • Cultural diversity

  • Emotional recovery from childbirth

  • Physical postpartum care after a vaginal birth

  • Your c-section postpartum

  • Body love

  • Postpartum nutrition

  • Abortion and the postpartum

  • Grief and loss

  • Postpartum depression and anxiety

  • Talking to the postpartum mom

  • Do I need help?

  • Newborn physiology

  • Basic infant care

  • Infant feeding

  • Infant soothing techiniques

  • Kangaroo care

  • Supporting a mom with a NICU baby

  • Safe sleep solutions

  • SIDS

  • Umbilical cord care

  • Circumcision care

  • Vaccines: Making the choice

  • The dynamics of parenting

  • Natural home cleaning

  • Contracts

  • Marketing and social media

  • Charging for your services

  • Paperwork and launching your website


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