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IPPA offers the most comprehensive and in depth placenta and postpartum doula combination training available. Aligning factual information with emotional integrity, complete understanding of each skillset and professional business structures, we can elevate your knowledge to the next level.


IPPA's mission is driven by a deep understanding and passion in the work that is taught. We believe that the placenta can be prepared safely and honestly regardless of the preparation location. That every new mother should have postpartum support and that the way to achieve this is exceptional education. 


The students at IPPA are some of the brightest and most knowledgeable in the industry. Comprised of midwives, nurses, obstetricians, birth and postpartum doulas, lactation educators, childbirth teachers and beyond, your classmates will offer a superior support source to any other program. 

Our Trainers  

Our trainers are the backbone of our assosciation. The women that present our workshops and offer mentorship have incredible dedication to IPPA's values and beliefs. The educational and career experience that they bring will help you to accomplish your goals.

The IPPA workshop I attended was exactly what I was looking for to learn Placenta Encapsulation. I felt it was extremely thorough, professional, and well organized. I walked away feeling confident, excited, and supported in pursuing this new business endeavor."


Meriah Ozols, CD(DONA)


 As a labor doula, I now feel empowered with great information and have tangible tools for post-natal support. "  


Whitney Tucker


I recently attended the IPPA training for placenta encapsulation and postpartum services and I was absolutely blown away. The training went above and beyond my expectations. After the training I felt completely confident, prepared, and excited to encapsulate. I HIGHLY recommend this training to anyone who is considering offering placenta encapsulation services. 

Meghan Johnstone, Birth Doula


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