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Bring a training to your area

Becoming an IPPA Promoter is a great way to access an in-person training locally to you while also recieving your training for discounted or free. Our IPPA Promoters are doulas, midwives, childbirth educators, placenta specialists, moms; Anyone who knows their birth community well. You will need to be able to network and reach out to ensure that your training is successful. Our Promoters use social media and other events to market the training to the other birth professionals in the region and help to secure a training venue. Promoters are extremely important to our company. 


Promoter Perks:


  • Attending an in-person training! We only run about 25 in person workshops throughout the world each year and you get to attend.

  • Making your training fee back and then some! For each student that signs up, you will make $30.00 towards your total training cost. If you get over the minimum of 10 students (US and Canada) and 12 students (Other Countries) you get to keep the excess money!

  • Having your business highlighted on the website, Facebook event, our busy Facebook page and support group. This will boost your SEO (search engine optimization).

  • Networking with your local community of birth pros.

  • The opportunity of becoming a Placenta and Postpartum doula trainer.

Promoter Responsibilities:


  • Your main responsibility will be to promote the training so that we reach our minimum amount of students. This is 10 students for US and Canada trainings and 12 students for out of country trainings.

  • Helping to provide or find a location to hold the training. Hosts can decide to host the training in their own home, at another student's home, help to find a local business space that we can use or checking hotel banquet room costs. The space we need must have access to a sink, bathroom and seating for 12 people. Spaces near food for lunch and that are easily accessible are preferred.

  • Providing placentas. We will be 1 placenta per 10 students. These can be fresh or frozen, donated to be disposed of OR the finished product can go back to the mom.

  • Helping to provide disposables for the hands on demo such as dish soap, bleach and paper towels. These things are hard to travel with!

What does the trainer do for me?


  • Your trainer will provide you with an EPK (electronic press kit) which will include workshop flyers, infographics, memes, social media posts and pictures, a Facebook event, a Ticketleap event (so students can sign up) and we will also be promoting the training on our busy Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and website. We help with some of the footwork.

  • A translator if needed. If there are more than 3 students that do not fluently speak English, your trainer will be responsible for hiring a translator.

  • We will answer any questions on the event pages, support you when needed and stay in close communication.

  • Showing up and teaching the workshop!

  • Providing the supplies needed for all hands on portions for all 3 days of the workshop.


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