IPPA currently has 20 trainers throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom. These indivivuals are some of the most experienced students to come through our training program. They have worked diligently, applied and been accepted to represent our brand and teach our coursework globally. 


Each trainer has to go through a separate training program to prepare them to present our program with competence and integrity. Trainers are also the locational mentors for aspiring placenta professionals and provide a unique professional relationship for IPPA students. Each trainer is hand selected by the Director of Education. IPPA can guarentee that you will have a great training experieince.

April Opoka

Alabama State Trainer

Amanda Johnson

Director of Education

Bethany Loper

Texas State Trainer

Jen Vozka

Wisconsin State Trainer

Erin Polulach

Ohio State Trainer

Kim Racioppo

Ontario Province Trainer

Katie Rolley

Traveling Trainer- USA

Eva Martins

New Jersey State Trainer

Holly Heller

Florida/Georgia State Trainer

Leiann Saniger

Tennessee State Trainer

Jennifer Messerschmidt

Northern California State Trainer

Baxter Snider

Washington State Trainer

Ellen Dostie

Traveling Trainer- USA

Julie McBurney

North Carolina State Trainer

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