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Placenta Encapsulation Training


IPPA has a one of a kind, in depth placenta training program with the option to certify. More and more encapsulators are finding that their clients are wanting a formally trained specialist. Our program ensure that you have outstanding educational background in everything placenta preparation related, but also a certifying body that stands behind its students and their abilities. The placenta training program will take between 12-16 weeks to complete. 


You have 6 months from training completion to encapsulat 3 placentas and have your client fill out a survey form, read research articles and answer 6 essay questions, write a one page position paper, complete 4 reviews, take an online blood born pathogens training and an online food safety training. 


Content Included for Placenta Encapsulation:


What is the placenta?

  •  Functions of the placenta

  •  How does it form?

  •  Placental Cell Structure

  •  The intervillous space

  •  The RH Antigen

  •  Hormones and the placenta

  •  Variations

  •  Genetic Disorders & Placenta Encapsulation

  •  Common Pregnancy Ailments

  •  Placental Problems in Pregnancy: Placenta Previa

  • Placenta Problems in Pregnancy: Placenta Abruption 

  • Placenta Problems in Pregnancy: Placenta Accreta

  • Gestational Diabetes

  • Types of Twin Placentas


Birthing the Placenta: Third Stage

  • Breaking the Bond

  • Delayed Cord Clamping

  • Positive Effects of Delayed Cord Clamping

  • Cord Blood Banking & Placenta Encapsulation

  • Cord Burning

  • Lotus Birthing

  • What about Religion & the Placenta? 


Aligning the Pieces

  • Placentophagy: The Benefits

  • Using Progesterone Postpartum

  • Utilizing the Placenta to Treat Postpartum Bleeding 

  • Medications & Placenta Encapsulation 


Securing Services

  • The Prenatal Visit 

  • Is Your Client a Good Fit? 

  • Risks of Placenta Ingestion 

  • Forms for the Prenatal Visit 

  • Payments 

  • HIPAA Forms & Guidelines 

  • Your Business Contract 

  • Surrogacy­ Who keeps the placenta? 


Practicing Awareness 

  • Placenta Consumption & STDS 

  • Pathology of the Human Placenta 


The Birth 

  • Placenta Handling After a Vaginal Birth 

  • Placenta Handling After a C­Section 

  • Proper Storage Techniques 

  • Temperature Control 

  • Working Easily with Hospitals 

  • Transporting the Placenta 

  • Shipping Placentas 


Bridging the Connection 

  • The family within the Placenta 

  • Passing of Genetics 

  • Perinatal Mood Disorders 

  • Treatment Options

  • Postpartum Depression 

  • Using the Edinburgh Scale 

  • Resources 


Alternative Options to Consumption 

  • Planting the Placenta 

  • Placentas Around the World: A Guide to Placenta Tradition 

  • Making Placenta Time Capsule and Resin Jewelry


Set­ Up

  • Supplies for Placenta Preparation

  • Preparing Your Kit

  • Using a Client’s Supplies

  • Client & Specialist Protection 

  • Proper Sanitation Procedures 

  • Chemical Alternatives 

  • Bloodborne Pathogens 

  • Disposal of Wastes 

  • Placenta Photography/Videography Release 

  • Working with Frozen Placentas 

  • Proper Thawing Techniques 

  • Memories: Placenta Printmaking 

  • Natural Dyes for Colored Prints 

  • Cord and Amniotic Sac Removal 

  • Hormonal Power of the Amniotic Sac 

  • Making Cord Keepsakes & Dream catchers  

  • What about Meconium? 

  • Placenta Extracts & Tinctures 

  • Capsule Creation: Raw Foods Method 

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory 

  • Capsule Creation: Basic Heated 

  • Working with a Doctor of Chinese Medicine MotherTea

  • Dehydration Methods 

  • Grinding and Filling 

  • Making a Placenta Balm 

  • Herbal Reference 


Sealing the Services 

  • Assessing a Mother Postpartum 

  • Calibrating the Right Dosage 

  • Storage of Remedies 

  • The Postpartum Visit 


Savory & Sweet 

  • Cooking with the Placenta 

  • Placenta Chocolate Truffles 

  • Importance of Raw Placenta­ Smoothies 


The Birth of a Business 

  • Business Review 

  • Getting Your Business Started 

  • Taxes, Licensing & Insurance 

  • Bi­-Weekly Call In 

  • Preparing Your Client Forms

  • Liability Form 

  • Hospital Release Form 

  • Legalities 



  • Recommended Reading List 

  • Client Feedback Form 

  • Provider Page Listing How-­To 

  • Research Paper Questions 

  • Turning Your Certification In 

  • Membership Benefits 

  • Continuing Education


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